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Hi - I’m Chris. I help busy fathers transform their health and lives.


To take the complex, and make it simple. To provide sustainable strategies. And to unlock the potential deep inside of each man.


To help 1,000 men heal, transform, get fit, and live vibrant and purposeful lives by 2025.

[The Origin Story]

Over the past decade, I've had the privilege of guiding countless individuals toward achieving their fitness goals, whether it be shedding body fat, enhancing strength, or improving overall well-being. However, a profound realization dawned upon me during this journey - the pursuit of physical health often came at the cost of other crucial aspects of life, such as family, career, or spiritual and mental health. It was becoming clear that the path we were treading was not sustainable in the long run.

Then, in 2018, everything changed.

Throughout my life, I had been a dedicated and high-performing athlete, from my days playing college football to embarking on four combat deployments as an Army Ranger, participating in bodybuilding shows, powerlifting competitions, CrossFit tournaments, and much more. Yet, despite the countless accolades and achievements, I suddenly found myself hitting a metaphorical wall.

In 2018 as the new father of 2 boys (now 4, with a 5th on the way), I couldn't help but recognize the stark parallel between my own unsustainable fitness journey and that of my clients. It was a sobering revelation that demanded action.

It was at this crossroads that I committed myself to a life-changing mission: to unearth sustainable strategies that empower fathers to prioritize their physical health, lead their families, excel in their careers, and live lives brimming with purpose and impact.

I firmly believed that there had to be a way to harmoniously cultivate and maintain physical, spiritual, mental, relational, and financial well-being all at once. The status quo, both for me and my clients, simply wasn't cutting it.

As I looked out upon the landscape of the health and fitness industry, I recognized this same pervasive pattern of neglecting these other critical facets of life.

Since that time, I've diligently honed a comprehensive approach designed specifically for busy Christian fathers seeking to attain total health and fulfillment. I consider it my privilege and passion to share this invaluable knowledge and system with others, enabling them to embark on their own journeys towards total well-being.

Join me on this transformative journey, and together, we'll pave the way for a future where fitness and vitality are harmoniously integrated into the tapestry of life, allowing you to thrive in every aspect of the human experience.


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Fitness Plans

Sustainable, effective, plans designed for busy dads on the go.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition made simple and sustainable, especially for families staying healthy together.

Family & Relational Health

Learn valuable systems for improving your relational health and to lead your family well.

Habit Development

We are what we do repeatedly. Habit formation is hard, but we make it easier.

Mission-Transformation Prayer

Understand your identity and heal the things from the past that hold you back.

Life Coaching

After 12 years of marriage, 4 kids, working in SaaS, ministry, and health coaching, I can help.



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