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A Faith-Integrated Approach To Fitness

Many of us run through life wondering why it feels like we're playing a game of whack-a-mole and constantly shifting our focus from one thing to the next without realizing they need to be integrated

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For Busy Christian Business Leaders

As a busy CEO, exec, entrepreneur, or business leader you have a unique set of demands placed on you that others don't. Added complexity requires a more unique approach


Designed For Family-Centered Fathers

The man who desires to win at work, and also be able to leave his work behind for long enough to focus on his children and wife and give them his best, will often struggle without the right plan

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Cut the confusion & the fluff. Just get the right info and coaching pathways that work.

There's so much noise and competing information in the health and fitness space. We focus on the 20% of information that provides the highest return on your time and energy.

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An all-of-life approach.

Life is complex web of parts. You can't just focus on your workout routine and ignore the rest. It'll never last long term. If you want it to last, you need to realize that everything works together


I've helped launch or grow 5+ businesses. I understand how to fit transformation into your life amidst the demands.


I've been married for almost 13 years and understand how to align this with your family and ensure everyone wins.


As the father of 5 boys growing venture-backed SaaS companies, I learned how to be present and engaged with my boys.

Family + Work

To build a program that isn't integrated with our faith as believers is to reject the Lordship of Christ in that area.

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1. The Mission Briefing

The #1 health newsletter for Christian CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executives. 1 weekly fitness and health tip & 1 curation. 

2. Habit OS

The ultimate 5-step system for developing any new habit (and breaking bad ones) quickly, and making it stick.

3. SFA

The ultimate mastermind + personalized health, fitness, and habit transformation coaching experience

I connect busy Christian leaders with the systems, resources, coaching and mastermind community they need to win in their health, at home, and in their business

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