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MB #029: Pagan Christianity, Hunger, and The Carrot Test

discipleship faith food lifestyle Aug 06, 2023

Read Time:~3 Minutes

This week's highlight is the Monk Manual. The tension between pursuing productivity and living a slower life that sustains peace and joy, is a real tension. Especially if you're business-focused and require a lot of technology for your work (like I do). That's why I love what Monk Manual is up to. Their goal is to help men have a more monk-like way of thinking amidst the pursuit of a healthy amount of productivity. They have an awesome rustic leather-back journal/planner that provides you with the perfect daily and weekly prompts to level up your intentionality around what matters most. Use the code MISSIONFITDADS at checkout for 15% off.

Hey friends,

Welcome back to The Mission Briefing, the weekly newsletter with the goal to equip you with what you need to accomplish your family's unique mission.

Today at a glance:

  • Food For Thought: Hunger
  • Quote: J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Fitness Tips: The carrot test and the veggie-first strategy
  • Book: Pagan Christianity
  • Social Media:

🧠 Food For Thought:

I'm convinced that one of the detriments of our modern era of food production and availability is that humans have lost the skill of enduring hunger. We have an abundance of food that allows us to eat at the first sign of 'perceived hunger', boredom, or emotional stress. In general, men have lost touch with doing hard things, one of which is the ability to endure a few extra hours of hunger before eating. Does this play a role in our health epidemics? You bet.

✍️ Quote Of The Week:

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." - J.R.R. Tolkien

💪 Health And Fitness Tips:

1. In light of our food for thought above, here's a great way to test true hunger versus cravings - even though there's still good reason to practice enduring hunger:

Try the carrot filter.

If you feel hungry, ask yourself "Would I eat a whole raw carrot right now?"

If not, then you are having a craving.

If yes, then you're likely experiencing authentic hunger, which I would suggest you then eat the healthy choice - the carrot.

Very few people crave raw carrots or any other raw veggie (with exceptions). It's often a great way to filter and discern what you're really experiencing.

2. If you struggle with overeating, try the veggie-first approach.

When you sit down for any meal, eat 2 fist-sized servings of veggies.

This could be a small salad, some raw veggie appetizers (like carrots, broccoli, and bell pepper with hummus), or whatever veggies you're serving with the meal.

Then continue to eat the rest of the meal.

The fiber will help fill you up with low-calorie, high-nutrient foods - also known as nutrient-dense food. Additionally, veggies often require a lot more chewing which is telling the brain to increase fullness signals. By the time you get to calorie-rich foods, you'll be fuller and have an easier time using moderation.

📚 Book Recommendation:

Pagan Christianity - George Barna is the world-leading researcher for the modern Western Church. When Christian leaders want reputable and trustworthy information, he's the guy. The research done by his team at The Barna Group is used by pastors and elders across the Western world to make informed decisions and to understand the best way to "be the church" in the 21st century. He also co-wrote this incredibly popular book - Pagan Christianity - citing the history and research behind all of the pagan practices we have brought into our modern worship experience. It's fascinating, illuminating, thought-provoking, and witty. If you've ever had questions about your experience of Church as you read the pages of the New Testament, then you'll definitely want to read this book.

📱 Social Media Favorites:

Kris Krohn - I don't endorse everything he says, but he makes some great points in this clip about the questions "How much do you love your life?" and "What's left over from your salary?"

There has been way more research in recent years about homeschoolers. The old assumption that homeschooling kids are less well-adjusted and struggle to socialize has always been something I've rejected, personally. Here Brandon Turner from The Bigger Pockets Podcast discusses this topic with his guest.

This Joe Rogan clip highlights one of many reasons you hear me talk ALL THE TIME about not drinking tap water. Chemical castration. Wow. Not good.