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MB #026: What Are EMFs, Why You NEED To Know, And What To Do

lifestyle Jul 16, 2023

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Today at a glance:

  • Food for thought: Deeper waters
  • A quote from John Ortberg
  • What is EMF, why you need to know, and how to stay healthy
  • Social media favorites this week
  • Actions to take next

🧠 Food For Thought:

How can you intentionally wade into deeper waters? A long life filled with shallow relationships, passivity, and busyness, is no life at all. What is one thing you know you need to change in order to wade deeper into meaning, purpose, and stronger relationships? Start doing that now.

✍️ Quote Of The Week:

"If your soul is healthy, no external circumstance can destroy your life. If your soul is unhealthy, no external circumstance can redeem your life."
 John Ortberg, Soul Keeping: Caring For the Most Important Part of You

💪 Health & Fitness Tips:

Many of you have heard me talk about EMFs before in passing, and I've received many questions about it over the last several months, so I knew it would be helpful to relay some additional information about it.

What are EMFs?

EMFs are electromagnetic fields created by charged objects. We encounter them daily from various devices such as cell phones, laptops, and headphones. Even though exposure to EMFs is almost unavoidable, there are ways to reduce its effects.

Thankfully, not all EMFs are the same. The human body and the earth can produce EMFs, and our cells have the ability to detect them. Our nervous system relies on electricity to function, enabling us to think and feel, our heart to beat properly, and simply move.

Although not new, our exposure to EMFs has increased dramatically in the recent past with the explosion of new tech and especially since the internet was invented.

Info about EMF exposure

EMFs are often overlooked because they’re invisible, odorless, and generally undetectable without special equipment. However, with billions of phones, computers, and smart devices, as well as millions of miles of power lines around the world, constant exposure to EMFs has become a newer reality we need to address. Here are some of the more common sources of exposure that you have some control over:

  • 5G networks
  • Phones/computers/tablets/bluetooth devices like headphones
  • Smart devices
  • Power lines
  • Wifi routers
  • Baby Monitors
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Apple Watch (or other smart wearables)

Are EMFs really dangerous? Yes, it's likely. While the long-term effects of EMFs are still unclear due to a lack of long-term studies (much of this is too new and big pharma/medical ain’t paying for any studies for EMF - it doesn't make them money), some research has been done, and suggest it's best to take precautions. Let's peek at those:

Some research on the topic

  • Studies on WIFI have shown that exposure can cause sperm/testicular damage, endocrine changes, cellular DNA damage, and more. (1)
  • Radiation from computers, cell phones, and Wifi found that RF frequencies from them may damage sperm count, motility, and integrity. (2)
  • One review concluded that EMF exposure could contribute to oxidative stress in the body. (3)
  • A meta-analysis from 2014 found that cell phone usage in conjunction with other environmental factors will lower sperm quality. (4)
  • A study was conducted in Germany that involved 60 people who were observed before and after the installation of a cell phone base station. The results of the study indicated that the transmitter's activation could lead to a decrease in dopamine levels. Additionally, individuals who are more sensitive experienced significant increases in adrenaline and noradrenaline levels. (5)
  • A study conducted on rats found that exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) resulted in genetic material damage. (6)
  • Exposure to certain types of radiation has been linked to a higher likelihood of developing acoustic neuroma and glioma, and may also increase the risk of breast cancer for women. Additionally, it has been shown to alter gene expression in certain types of cells. (7)

Tips for reducing EMF

Here are some simple steps to minimize EMF exposure from specifically handheld devices. Let's start small:

1. Airplane mode: Turn on airplane mode on your devices and disable wifi/Bluetooth when not in use. This stops radio frequency transmissions. I do this every night with my iPhone and also unplug my wifi router while I sleep.

2. Wired headphones: Use wired headphones instead of Airpods or other headphones that can emit EMF as they're in direct contact with your brain/head.

3. Limit phone usage with bad signals: Try to use your phone when the signal is strong to avoid it increasing power while searching for a signal.

4. Speakerphone or wired headphones: Use speakerphone or wired headphones during phone calls to reduce exposure to radiation. The head is one of the body's most vulnerable parts to EMFs.

5. Safe transport/storage: Avoid carrying devices in pockets (or bras for you women out there), and instead use airplane mode and turn off wifi/Bluetooth functions. I recently heard a story about a man who was struggling to get his wife pregnant and after he stopped putting his phone between his legs while driving every day, sperm quality skyrocketed and they got pregnant.

6. Safe travel: Avoid using devices in a car or other transportation, which can cause the device to work harder for a signal and increase exposure. Download podcasts or music beforehand and listen in airplane mode. Opt for an aux cord instead of Bluetooth connection.

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