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MB #017: Cardio, Resisting Tyranny & Raw Milk

exercise faith food May 07, 2023

Read time: ~5 Minutes

Hey friends,

If you missed the announcement, The Mission Briefing will have a changed format for the foreseeable future. There will be 6 main sections:

  1. Food for thought
  2. Quote of the month
  3. Health and Fitness Tips
  4. Book recommendations
  5. Social Media Favorites
  6. Article To Read

🧠 Food For Thought:

Building out a workflow, establishing a set of systems, putting in place habits, etc. without first identifying the grand mission and vision you're pursuing, might be the life equivalent of climbing a tall ladder only to find when you reach the top that it was against the wrong building.

Without a clear vision and a well-articulated and actionable mission statement, a man (and his family) will often build something they wish they had built differently.

What are you aiming towards?

✍️ Quote Of The Month:

"The traditional way of raising sons, which lasted for thousands and thousands of years, amounted to fathers and sons living in close-murderously close proximity, while the father taught the son a trade: perhaps farming or carpentry or blacksmithing or tailoring. As I've suggested elsewhere, the love unit most damaged by the Industrial Revolution has been the father-son bond." -ROBERT BLY

I might even write a full article elaborating on my thoughts on the quote - it's that good. It articulates another major point behind why every father should think of himself as a CEO.

💪 Health & Fitness Tips:

1. Drink Raw Cows Milk

I had a chat with a client recently and he asked about whether or not he should be drinking milk. I said milk falls on a spectrum with conventional skim milk on the bad side and raw grade A cow's milk (or goat milk) on the other. Why?

Raw milk isn't pasteurized and heat-treated, retaining a lot of the good bacteria, enzymes, and such that make it a powerful health food. Here's a helpful graph to see my opinion on where various milk (and fake milk) land on the spectrum:

To find raw milk, do a quick Google search for your area and as long as you're relatively close to some kind of agriculture and farming areas you should have some options.

2. Make your workouts more efficient with supersets (or tri-sets and giant sets)

A superset is just 2 back to back exercises that are using different muscle groups - often opposing groups like back and chest.

A set of 12 on bench press followed by max pull-ups, for example.

By adding supersets into your routine you can significantly reduce the amount of time you're working out (great for busy dads), and increase the intensity, caloric burn, and heart rate.

Add 3 or more exercises together to make a tri-set (3) or a giant set (4+).

3. What's the best kind of cardio?

Trick question. There isn't a "best" cardio. All cardio has a place and purpose. It all depends on your goals.

That said if your goal is longevity, and great health into your later years, there is an approach that's more ideal than others.

Research shows us that steady-state cardio in zone 2 is going to be the very best for the creation of and optimization of our mitochondria - these little power plants in each of our cells that make our energy. Mitochondrial health is linked to longevity, glucose control, fat metabolism, and more. Basically, research suggests that if your mitochondria are very healthy, you're likely a very healthy person. They mostly go hand in hand.

What's the prescription? 3 hours per week is the ideal amount for there to be any significant improvement. The best way to do this is in four 45-minute sessions.

The easiest way to calculate how to stay in zone 2 is to use the MAF method and take 180 and subtract your age to get your max zone 2 heart rate. If you're 30 then that's 180 - 30 = 150 max HR. Generally speaking, a safe estimate is to stay between that and 10 bpm (beats per min) under that. e.g. between 140-150 bpm @ 30 yr/old.

📚 Book Recommendations:

The Divine Right of Resistance - Discover the surprising truth about how Jesus and other heroes of the faith overcame tyranny's challenges, such as unjust judges, illegal arrests, civil rights violations, weapons bans, street-preaching bans, and restrictions on gatherings. This book features over 200 Scriptural examples of resistance rather than compliance. Be ready for a new paradigm.

The Unsettling of America - Wendell Berry rocks you in this book. There's an entire chapter on specialization (and the decline of America as a result) that I wish I could just read aloud to you right now. Berry also argues that good farming is a cultural and spiritual discipline, something I've been feeling an inkling about from the Lord lately.

The Power of Place - “We can see stability in place as an entrapment, an impediment, a prohibition that’s keeping us from personal fulfillment. Or we can see it as a protection, an unspeakable blessing, an invitation to deepen our commitment to the people and the place where we have been planted—a deepening of roots that will bear much fruit”.

📱 Social Media Favorites:

In light of my recent article about fathers being CEOs and building family assets - if you're interested in building a side hustle for your family, Justin Welsh always has great content to encourage solopreneurs and this recent post outlined 20 super simple steps to get something started and make money.

Zach Wright is one of my new favorite Functional MDs to follow. His recent reel is enlightening if you've never given much thought to the traditional medical industry.

📰 Articles To Read:

The Church of England Embraces Post-Familialism - "In keeping with the descriptions of single life in the Bible, in which singleness is desired because it allows one’s undivided attention to be devoted to serving God, traditionally singleness was associated with things such as the celibate vocations. Naturally, the Church of England specifically rejects that singleness implies celibacy, and they decline to say that singleness should be used for the sake of Christian service."

Oof. If the Church is rejecting celibacy and godly service as part of singleness, then they're dang close to openly supporting sex outside of marriage as one pleases, and thus the disintegration of the family is well underway. Give this a read.

That’s a wrap - Please drop your comments and questions and we’ll keep the conversation going!